Types of Waqf in Oman


  • Said Rashid Said Al-Salmani International Islamic University Malaysia


Waqf, Oman, Zanzibar, Deed, Mosques


The Omani Waqf institution is one of the oldest waqf institutions in the Islamic world. This is because Omanis voluntarily accepted Islam, individually and collectively early in the sixth year of the Hijrah. Some researchers believe that the first waqf in Oman was established by the Companion Mazen Bin Ghadouba Al-Tai’s. Since then, the waqf institution has played a prominent rule in Omani society. This article reveals the literatures of Omani waqf and discusses a brief historical development of the waqf institution in Oman followed by how it differs from other waqf institutions in the Islamic world. The main question of this study is; what are the types of waqf in Oman? To answer this question; content analysis as a research method is used. The study has three main objectives. The author found 60 types that are used and repeated in most waqf deeds. Waqf for children dominated the Awqaf of Omanis in the Sultanate of Zanzibar during the days of Omani rule. This was unlike the endowments in the mainland Oman. Waqf to Mosques is the most common type of endowment in Oman.

Keywords: Waqf, Oman, Zanzibar, Deed, Mosques.